Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maui Day 2 and the Celebration of the Arts

Today has been a long one! Up Before dawn to drive around the island to participate in the Hiuwai & E ala e Ceremony near the Ritz Carlton. We drove through the night and arrived at the D. T. Fleming (Honokahua) beach ready to connect with nature and wash our worries away. We didn't take any photos, but the official photographer for Hawaiian magazine was there and snapped some shots. After welcoming the sun Dawn and I ventured to find breakfast at 7am, which included sliced fried polish sausage (not pictured because we ate in the car) and quiche from a local market.

We stopped at the beach down the road from the Ritz to eat our quiche and then (sorry Mom) we didn't wait an hour before hitting the water to go snorkelling. After watching the fish eat and play, it was time to drive over to the Ritz Carlton Kapaula and continue our day to Celebrate the Arts Hawaiian style. Our activities were too numerous to name, but a highlight was the tea tasting (Hawaiian herbal and medicinal teas) and the Luau, of course! See the food for yourself. Both delicious and beautiful. I think this will be the vacation of no sleep! Up at 3:45 and our heads didn't hit the pillow again until after 10pm. Tomorrow we fly to Molokai with plans to eat fresh young coconuts and shave ice every day.