Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 10 Molokai

Okey Dokey. Snafuland here again at Tea Time means I'm writing this day over again. Happily it hasn't ended yet so I'm not technically "late." Plus, my phone has charge and I'm in town, so win/win/win. Sort of. Because the original post is gone. Usually I like to finish the post the night before and then edit it a bit the next day. When a post goes missing I get crammed for time and I feel my writing is more pedestrian. But enough about me! More about Hawaii.

Breakfast was new and different (I bet you guys were tired of yogurt too). We went into town and the bakery was open so we ordered an egg platter (scrambled with bacon and superbly buttered toast) plus a side of portugese sausage. I also grabbed a classic glazed donut from the front counter. It was delightful. What's that? I hear the beach calling. It's only 7:30, but let's get our stiff legs out and swimming. (That hike yesterday has left its mark!) On the way to the east end of the island we spotted a "public beach" sign. Screech! How did we miss this until now? It's a lovely beach, with real sand. Great for swimming, but the coral reef here is Dead. No fish, only coral covered in algae. Depressing. Our book Maui and Molokai is severely outdated (published 2008) due to the algae affliction. Basically there is no longer any decent snorkelling off the beaches of Molokai. If you'd like to pay to go a mile out into deep water there are snorkelling tours available from the Fish and Dive. Maui is trying to curb the problem with algae eating sea urchins, but Molokai doesn't seem concerned.

Lunch is beachside, fried chicken (a six piece combo somes with 7 pieces so it lasts a while!) buttered rolls from the bakery and various eats from the cooler bag. Dessert we got back in town (before I got to charge my phone so no pictures). Ice cream sundae! Cotton Candy Brownie sundae for me, and Mint chip with hot fudge for Dawn. Delightful on this warm day. Molokai shuts down on Sundays, only a handful of businesses are open. Families (ohana) get together for fun and rest. We missed the big open market on Saturday, hiking our butts off walking down, then up the cliffs to Kalupapa. We deserve a break, too. So we after resting at our campsite for a while we head into town for a drink (Lava Flow and Blue Hawaii) at Paddler's Cove. Then we head to the wharf for a last sunset in town. It was quite overcast, so no spectacular goodbyes for us. After some debate we decided to try someplace new for dinner. Molokai Drive Inn gets picked and we choose some crispy fried goodies off the menu. Onion rings, curly fries, cheese sticks and a bacon cheese burger. With a side of heart attack. Oh no! We forgot about hot bread! My brain looks at the time. 7:45. Alert! Well, we'll have to hang out and wait until 8pm rolls around so we can get our loaf of the famous Molokai hotbread from the back alley entrance of the bakery. We found our camping neighbors there as well, getting a fix of this amazing hot bread. Straight out of the oven and to your mouth. It can be slathered with your choice of toppings. We got simple cream cheese, but everyone raves about the butter/cream cheese/cinnamon and the strawberry/cream cheese combos. Taking photos in the car before tearing off hunks of the bread made it a bit blurry, but I can tell you it's a good thing we waited until the end of our stay to stray down the alley. This bread is so delicious it's a danger. And the perfect dessert!