Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 3 Maui to Molokai

The sun's up! Time to get going because today is going to be busy. Also, we're still on Mainland time, so it's a simple matter of being awake at 6am despite a long day yesterday. Today we are trvelling from Maui to Molokai taking a commuter flight. We made it to two beaches again before we left Maui. One is within walking distance of the airport! We snacked on Hawaiian golden shortbread nibbles (purchased from a local school group) while we enjoyed the sun, wind and waves. Wait, there's shave ice within a mile of here? Gimme! We shared a small (so big!) with coconut ice cream on the bottom and a 'sunset' of colors on the top (mango/tigers blood/guava) an amazing combo which we may be hard pressed to top. But we'll be back again upon our return to Maui. Touchdown Molokai! After a bit of adventuring we found a town and grabbed dinner. An oh so ono mixed plate with tuna and teriyaki chicken, mac salad and rice. We got a cobb salad to go since we'll need to find charcoal and other camping kitchen supplies tomorrow. Most of Molokai is closed on Sundays. We made it to the campground after dinner with minimal fuss, set up the tent and then ate a light snack before a normal bedtime. We have made a plan for the next two days and then we change campgrounds. Aloha from Molokai!