Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 14-Molokini and Lanai

A day devoted to snorkeling! It's our dream...

We went out and did Not get sunburned. We saw bottle nose dolphins and yellow tangs, plus lots of coral reef. The island scenery was breathtaking. Breakfast and lunch were provided by the boat crew, decent grub. We visited both Molokini and the island of Lanai (owned by the Oracle dude).

Back on land we looked for a farmers market, and finally made it to One Love, but it was overpriced and had a small selection. However, there was a visit to shave ice land, Ululani. Delicious as always.

Driving about we were still thinking about dinner. While window shopping (and buying a few gifts) we were talking about dinner. Dawn was buying since I won the boat bet (more than 10 people got sunburned) and we thought grilled local fish would be nice. It seems we're cursed not to find local fish when we have time to cook. Instead we ended up grabbing some picnic food to go (a mix plate and a caprese sammie) from the Kuau Store and headed to the Ho'okipa Lookout to catch the tail end of the sunset over the mountains and watch the colorful people as well.

Our new rule for mac salad... 3 questions.

1. Does it have potatoes?
2. Does it have eggs?
3. Do you add tuna?

These answers should be no, no, yes.

Aloha day 13!