Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 9 Molokai

Saturday is a busy day on Molokai. There is the big market in town, and families spend time together.

Dawn and I made it to Kalupapa today. I have no phone pictures since I forgot last night to turn it off. (It also ate my original post from yesterday, so there is an abbreviated version published instead. Version 2.0) Later I will publish a post with the info and photos from my camera.

Breakfast was per normal. Yogurt, fruit, granola all made the list. Lunch was a picnic of fried chicken (from Molokai Burger) and mac salad, plus some leftover veggies from our cookout.

The wedding next to our tent is in full swing (featuring musicians of questionable talent) so we plan to check out a local favorite who will be at Paddler's Inn tonight. The show (and food) has been good so far tonight. For dinner we had the grilled fish platter (good) and poke(great). Dawn had the mango blended margarita and I chose passion fruit. Both are well worth $8. Later we shared a Lava Flow which was much tastier than the $16 Lava Flow from the Ritz Carlton last weekend. The show was great. We liked it a lot and might have stayed until the end, excepting we were up before dawn to get ready for the visit to Kalupapa. That hike is over 6 miles straight down then back up. So we left with fingers crossed that the wedding had ended. Happily most of the cars had gone, but it appears they are cleaning up tonight. The recorded music is too loud for us to rest, so we'll give them until 11pm and then ask them to turn it down.