Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 5 Molokai

The Road to Halawa. It was on our itinerary today to drive this one lane highway and then take the guided hike to the waterfalls where it ends, but Mother Nature thwarted our desires. Rainfall caused a washout and our guide cancelled the hike for safety reasons. We plan to try again on Thursday, so the one lane road will be back on the itinerary. The rain is staying late this season, but since Molokai has been in a drought for the past 7 years it's good for the island.

Most of the shorelines on this island are quite rocky which discourages us from just hopping in the water for a dip. It doesn't stop a body from relaxing on the sand and wave watching though! Maui is in the distance with heavy cloud cover obscuring her peaks. A lovely view.

We ate a more hearty breakfast to give us strength for the hike today. Spam Musubi, lemon greek yogurt and apple banana. Spam is everywhere in Hawaii, a food staple. If you don't like the luncheon meat, no worried, chickens roam free on Molokai and there is plenty of local fish, beef and even pork to satisfy your protein cravings. There are also Axis deer here, a gift to the Hawaiian Royalty of yesteryear from the country of India.

A fresh blueberry scone was the perfect midmorning snack at the beach and while resting there, we decided that instead of a hike we would visit the coffee mill (they make their white chocolate mac nut latte with Ice Cream). After an alfresco picnic lunch (prepared this morning before our hike with fresh fruit, coleslaw and fried chicken from Molokai Burger we popped across the road to Island Fashion, a local boutique. We found gifts to take home and Island Fashion gave us a free kukui nut necklace with purchase (an awesome deal). Guess what we found in town? Our ice cold young coconuts! So refreshing and delicious. They were a steal at $3 from a corner fruit stand. We ventured into several other shops in town before heading back to the campsite to relax by the sandy beach. After dinner (leftovers and fresh coconut) we ventured to the (closed) Coconut Grove and then headed out on the pier to the wharf. This was a great spot to catch the sunset in front of us and Maui if we looked over our shoulders. Tomorrow we break camp and move to a new spot on the other end of Molokai. As the moon rises over eastern shore of Molokai it's nearly full and a lovely beginning to our last night at One Ali'i Beach Park.