Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 12 Maui

Aloha! The soft life in Maui has made us lazy... King size bed, a flushing toilet and shower with hot water is simply luxury. We managed to stay up until 10pm last night! But we finally piled into the jeep (top still off!) to find breakfast at a kind of nearby cafe, Baked on Maui. A croissant with egg, bacon and cheese was just what we needed! A piece of fruity coffee cake rounded out the meal. Back at the studio we decided on a course of action for the day. We drove the twisty one lane road around the top end of Maui towards Honolua Bay and D.T. Fleming beach. Along the way we stopped in an art shop and found some local shortbread cookies. The perfect snack. Then a local flagged us down to tempt us with coconut candy, and trail mix. Just give us the pineapple please! A great cookie chaser. Both featured pretty good snorkeling, but Fleming beach gave us nature at her finest. A 6 foot White tipped Reef Shark and lots of Giant Sea Turtles. Of course we got some pictures with the Go Pro, but they aren't on the computer yet. It was simply amazing. Lunch at L&L! BBQ Mix plate with full mac please!! Good stuff to keep us going in the water, plus we'll have leftovers for dinner. After driving back around the island (the highway side) during rush hour. Oh Molokai, we miss you. Maybe we're not ready for the rat race after all. But with the deterents come the benefits. Safeway! Look at all choices. Whoa. Now we have lunch stuff for the rest of our stay (plus some snacks). Since we're nearby it's time for shave ice! This shop has The best natural flavors. They're just brilliant and light and flavorful and simply delish. The perfect tide-me-over until we get home after our stop at the ABC store for some gift shopping. Hawaii in a cup. Who could resist??