Saturday, August 5, 2017

Poki Time

Tea Time has been thinking about trying all the poke joints in San Francisco, but poke is becoming so popular that this may not be possible.  However, we heard good things about Poki Time, so we headed over to the Lombard Street location.

You really can't miss the place. (yes, it's the old KFC)
Poke is the only option, but there are several choices to be made along the way. You can see the menu on the website, in case you have trouble deciding on the spot.

You build your own bowl, however big/small you prefer. Choose a base, protein, toppings, sauce and then you're ready. Fast, healthy food at it's finest. All the ingredients we got to pick from were fresh and tasty.

JK's bowl with lettuce base, Hawaiian style fish and toppings.
Angela's bowl with lettuce and rice base, Hawaiian style fish and toppings.

 You know Tea Time can't resist a good dessert and this Poki Time features a  macaron ice cream sandwiches right next to the main counter in a cute cooler. Made in San Jose, they were a delight. Check out Mavens Creamery if you need a fix!

Jk's Chocolate and Angela's Strawberry.
Poki Time has a open seating plan and when you enter you can either loiter in the back staring at the menu or hop in the line (there wasn't one when we arrived, phew) and get your meal pronto. It's a homey restaurant and the workers were very nice, helping us get our ice cream dessert after we were done with our bowls (so the sandwich wouldn't melt). Tea Time is sure they would have let us eat dessert first, but this time we decided to honor traditions by saving it until the end. We had a great time and a great meal, so we'll be back.

Mel's Diner Mission

I was downtown shopping and needed some lunch, so I decided to try Mel's Mission Street branch. I sat at the counter, next to a jukebox.
My frosty glass of water arrived immediately, but I had to wait a while for my sandwich.
I ordered the meatloaf, with coleslaw as my side. Nothing surprising here, just a good, tasty sandwich. Mel's Diner is an SF institution. They have several diners around town including one on Geary Street with Parking! They serve classic diner food including fried chicken and hearty breakfasts. If you're in California, but not in SF, look at the Mel's website for more locations all over the West Coast. Or if you've got a hankering to see the original Mel's, check out the opening scene of American Graffiti.

meatloaf sammie

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ted Nelson's Birthday Party at the Internet Archive

I wasn't aware of Ted Nelson before the Internet Archive announced his birthday party, but it seemed like a good occasion to learn about him. Turns out he's a very interesting guy. Ted was one of the pioneers of the computer industry, starting long before the internet. You can listen to a 1979 interview here. There are many more interviews with Ted online, but this one is hilarious, as a clueless interviewer tries to convince Ted that nobody would want a computer in the home.

The program was preceded by a reception that included drinks and substantial snacks. 
One of several platters, before the crowd demolished it
The drinks included (sugar-free) lime Kool-Ade, Ted's childhood favorite.
Ted speaking
It was a warm evening, so there were fans.
Both sides of fan 
After the program, there was birthday cake.

Cake with lit candles
Cross-section of cake slice
Ted blowing out his candles
Video of Ted blowing out his candles
 It was a fun evening, and I am looking forward to learning more about Ted.

If you're not familiar with the Internet Archive, check it out. They have a lot more than the archived internet, including a free lending library, and the Wayback Machine, which has archived content no longer available via a regular search engine.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Afternoon Tea With SST@3

Second Sunday Tea at 3 is a group that meets once a month for afternoon tea, usually on the second Sunday.

In November, we went to Crown & Crumpet's Tea Stop Cafe on Post Street, in the New People building across from Japan Town. There are more substantial items available, but we all had the afternoon tea.
The full tea tray before we demolished it
Sandwiches served with salad
Scones and Crumpets, of course

An assortment of sweets for dessert
The full menu is available online
The Famous Teapot Clock
A steaming cuppa

Separate Tea Menu

On January 8 we went to Lovejoy's, now under new management, but still the same excellent tea service. The menu is available online.

J.K., Cynthia, Sue, Sierra, Susi, Candice 
Tea for One  
High Tea for four
The Queen's Tea includes everything on the High Tea menu, plus a crumpet and a petit four. Scone and crumpet are too much for some of us, but the petits fours can be ordered separately. When we were almost finished, our waiter brought us a tray of crumpets because they had made too many and didn't want them to go to waste. We somehow managed to polish them off!
Close-up of the Checkerboard Shortbread Tea Biscuit
Top Tier For One
Everybody's teapot is different
Lovejoy's is known for
its mis-matched china
Decaf chocolate truffle tea
with milk and sugar
Sandwich and Crumpet
The walls are festooned with tea towels and thank-you
notes from children who enjoyed the tea service
Our May outing was to Imperial Tea Court at San Francisco's Ferry Building. Cynthia, Susi and Sierra took the ferry over from the East Bay. It was a nice, sunny day, so I walked from home. Cynthia had arrived early to check out Dandelion Chocolate's new Ferry Building location, but unfortunately they had a water leak and had to close the kiosk. I went by after our tea experience and they were open. I was no longer hungry enough for a Frozen Hot Chocolate, but I did buy some bars to take home.

If you prefer a cold drink with your tea snacks, there are Iced Tea and Ginger Ale sections on the menu.
Hot tea is served in a heavy red teapot, with a white porcelain cup.

The menu includes both Dim Sum and Entrees. The Shrimp Dumplings are served with a bowl of dipping sauce.
Shrimp Dumplings, seasoned with Jasmine Green Tea
There are more substantial entrees for larger appetites.
Teahouse Spicy Noodles
Fresh Steamed Buns and Tea Egg
Close Up of peeled Tea Egg
Vegetarian Steamed Bun
Cross Section of Vegetarian Steamed Bun
Pork Buns
Home-Style Curry
Imperial Tea Court is a delightful experience. You can sit at the outside edge, as we did, and watch the crowds go by, or move inside for a more private tea.