Friday, May 9, 2014

Maui Day 1

Angela is on vacation, so come along!

I'm in Maui right now and this is day one. I've been to two beaches and found some ono (delicious) local grub. I'm blogging from my phone so I have faith that J.K. will catch all my errors (as always) but please be patient if they're not spotted before being published.

My friend and I are staying these 2 days in Maui so we can attend the Celebration of the Arts happening tomorrow at the Ritz Carlton. (More on that in tomorrow's post!) Then we jet to Molokai for some beachside camping before we return to a Condo in Maui. But let's not talk of the end before we begin!

We're staying these two nights in Wailuku which is just a hop, skip and jump from OGG (Maui Airport). Since Dawn's flight is delayed, it's my job to find a picnic dinner and picnic beach. If only this were my regular job!

What's on the menu tonight? Kalua Pork—smoky and amazing!, Pork Laulau-tasty, Macaroni salad—almost too heavy on the mayo brah!, and beautiful "Mother's Day" inspired chocolate dipped starwberries for dessert. Drinks? Well, Hawaiian still waters, of course.

And so we begin our vacation in Paradise. Tom Seleck, where are you???