Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 13 Maui

The Road to Hana. It's on the list of every Must do Maui article. Excepting if it's raining all day. We had made it to Twin Falls (take the short loop walk to see the tallest waterfall) when the sky started drizzling, so we decided to postpone Hana and head for the sun.

The town of Paia is nearest to our basecamp right now so we stopped and checked out what the shops have to offer. Even though there are no chain stores, there is a wide range of prices (and overpricing). Coming from Molokai where goods can be scarce it's sticker shock to have abundance at ridiculous prices. (Including fruit stands! $15 for a fresh coconut is nigh on highway robbery!!! They were 3 and 5 dollars on Molokai. Sigh. Fingers crossed that the actual Farmers Market will be decently priced and not a tourist trap.) While in Paia we saw a Stupa. Neat.

Time for Shave Ice! (We don't joke about shave ice.)

Angela: coconut ice cream, cotton candy, watermelon, coconut Dawn: Lilikoi (passion fruit), coconut, strawberry. We'll be back. At the beach we have a picnic lunch snack. Lunchmeat, etc. Hawaiian shortbread cookie for dessert.

Lots of snorkeling this day again. The cemetery (we saw an amazing blue fish we have Never seen before), Oloawa (disappointing of beach, but looks like it might be better far off shore) and finally down the coast to Makena.  The water was too stirred up and silty with sand by the time we got there, but a snorkeler who was just leaving said the fish were awesome. Perhaps she went out farther than we adventured. Timing was also probably a factor.

The trip down the coast was so worth it. The drive down to the end of the road entailed the other worldly lava fields and beautiful coastline. We ended up watching a glorious sunset sitting on top of the jeep. Best sunset of this vacation. So far!