Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 11 Molokai to Maui

Good bye Molokai! Today is our last day on the island, but we don't leave until dinner time. Breakfast was the rest of the delicious bread from our run to the bakery last night. We broke down camp and got to talk story with a local man who was visiting the park. Turns out he cooked for the wedding that happened over the weekend. (The scoop is that this is wedding #4 for the bride.) The thing we liked best about the wedding was that the parks dept cleaned the port o potties (the main restroom/showers are currently under rennovation).

We've met quite a few friendly locals who didn't seem to mind us bombarding them with 1000 questions. Mike at the Sugar Mill, Philip from the Bike Shop and our Halawa Falls guide. They helped us learn more about this quiet, no stop light isle. It's bittersweet to leave as we're just getting the hang of how to live here.

The canoe rental didn't work out so we just relaxed instead. Maui will be a more demanding mistress, as it's a much bigger island with more to do and see before vacation is over. A drink from the Coffees of Hawaii shop (I think I called it the coffee mill—they grow the beans too...) is on our list since it's warm out unless you can feel the breeze. I got a caramel milk shake (a disappointing vanilla ice milk shake with caramel drizzle) and Dawn got a peach surprise, gummy bears were her surprise!

Another last day adventure, to mail our coconuts back to the mainland. One USPS here has free coconuts available to decorate (they provide markers!!) and you just pay the shipping. It's pretty awesome. The postmaster also puts real stamps on them, instead of a metered stamp so they're extra fun to receive. It's a great idea to "post a nut."

Lunchtime! The Cookhouse is nearby so we get plate lunch with a side salad (papya dressing is very tasty!). Their teriyaki chicken is so tasty we've eaten it every visit (3 times if you're keeping track), plus they have the best mac salad in town (on island?). After eating we have the energy to go get gas and vacuum out the van. It's quick work since we swept it out with the tent broom first.

Next on our list, check out two cemetaries. Molokai doesn't follow "standard" practice when it comes to gravestones and grave sites. Some have no information at all, just a simple ring of red lava rocks. Others bear witness with a simple wooden cross. Many have earthly goods left on them such as sodas, shell necklaces, plastic flowers, real plants, solar powered lights, just a myriad of some seemingly random items.

We munched on dried bananas and leftover butter rolls before checking in at Island Fashion (where we purchased items earlier in the week) to see what's new. A kitchy item catches my eye, but Dawn resists any new purchases.

The Most Awesome thing about inter-island travel? No Security! That's right. We just check our bags, walk onto the tarmac and board. That perk plus the views over the cliffs are worth the trip! We chat with a nice local woman while waiting for the plane and she even helps us with our luggage. Mahalo. Twenty minutes and then wheels down! Budget in Maui has a deal for Costco members. We ask about it... with that discount, plus another we upgrade to a Jeep! Convertible!! Woo Hoo Tops Off!!
Until tomorrow...

Aloha from Maui