Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 8 Molokai

Okay. This post disappeared. (Sad face) so now I'm almost a day behind.

Breakfast—yogurt and such. Variations on a theme.

We went to Dixie Beach on the westside. Stopped at a few other beaches. None were as nice as Dixie. We cooked lunch in foil packets on our campfire coals. Molokai beef, Surfing Goat Farms goat cheese, Kumu farm veggies and herbs. We also ate it for dinner. Good stuff. Dessert featured Molokai apricot bread with goat cheese, roasted banana schmear and candied coconut strips. In other news I know nothing about Hawaiian geography! However, just so you know (and I remember!) East of Molokai is Maui. West is Oahu. South is Lanai. So our camp at Ali'i park looks at Lanai. We plan to take the ferry there from Maui for the day next week. Stay tuned. I think there was more I was gonna write, but now I'll put it in another post later. Aloha!