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Tea Time Adventures is about sharing. We want to share with you what we find (most often food!) and hope that you'll be happy to adventure along with us. Tea is about sharing too. Having a cuppa with friends is a great way to relax and catch up with each other. There have been many studies done proving that people are happier when they share their meals with other people. Friendship and community allow us to share our burdens with food and tea (and alcohol!), lubricating the wheels. Please give us feedback, share your favorite teas, food places here in SF and around the world. Tea Time is looking to add more "exploits" to our adventuring, so please suggest ideas and make comments.

Angela and J.K. will cover wide and varied topics (most somehow related to food) in this blog, including recipes, personal experiences and restaurants. We are not critics, but if we have a poor experience at a business we may write about it from our perspective. Critics are people who go to a place unannounced (maybe disguised) and eat the entire menu two, maybe three times. (Tea Time is willing to do this if someone wants to pay us.) Also, if/when we do go back to a business, we may update our posting if we try something new or the business has changed. Our photos are our own, unless credited. This blog is about having fun plus new/renewed experiences, and we want to share them with you. Tea Time Adventures has grown from our friendship, which began because of Chocolate. Specifically, we were introduced at a Chocolate Meetup and then eventually Angela roped J.K. into becoming a co-organizer. Food and Books are the foundation of this coadunation.

We welcome Melissa to our blog!! Melissa and Angela actually met at a Chocolate Meetup as well (prior to meeting J.K.), so it must be true that Chocolate brings people together. Mel has been participating with us indirectly, by going to teas and being a co-eater at the biggest food festival in the city every year. Mel and Angela attended the 2nd Annual San Francisco International Tea Festival in March and got a lot of inspiring info about the world of Specialty teas. It's our hope that Mel will bring more types of tea to the blog, so keep your eyes peeled for periodic postings showing you what's in her cup!

Another well-travelled Adventurer has joined our blog. Beth got the blog bug and gave J.K. a few posts to share, but then the real illness took hold during her trip to England. She's our go-to for tasty treats on the East Bay side, and J.K.'s constant Monday lunch companion. Thanks for helping us keep posts coming Beth.

Birdie Jaworski is our blog designer extraordinaire. She lives in Albuquerque and is not currently blogging.


Angela's Bio
Angela is a punctual Kansas kid who grew up with a Mom who canned produce from the garden, a root cellar full of potatoes and jars, an extended family with a pig farm and a Dad who hunted for food. She has seen chickens fly without their heads, and stuffed herself with strawberries from the garden patch. However, she didn't truly appreciate it until she saw how many kids don't even know where meat and veg originate. Sadly, she will never be able move back to the Midwest because year-round California fruit and vegetables would be gross and wilty by the time they arrived in her supermarket. Farmers Markets Rule!

J.K.'s Bio
J.K. grew up in Connecticut with a dad whose closest thing to a hobby was eating in restaurants. Everything from a drive-in that was frequented by motorcycle gangs to what passed for fine dining at the time, including, of course, Sally's Apizza. After living in Manhattan for 12 years, she moved to San Francisco and is still carrying on the family traditions, eating in restaurants and baking from scratch. She also has a weakness for gadgets and small appliances.

Mel's Bio


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