Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meals on Wheels Star Chefs and Vintners Gala—sweets

Sweets for the sweet! Guests indulged in a wide variety of desserts during the after dinner reception at the Meals on Wheels of San Francisco Star Chefs and Vinters Gala. From cupcakes to a reimagined apple pie from Taste Catering you could find something to satisfy your sweet tooth and celebrate. Since the auction and dinner had concluded, guests were excited to party! The dance floor was clear, the DJ ready to spin. Grab a cup of coffee, a melt in your mouth macaroon and get ready to shimmy shake. I have lots more pictures to share from the after dinner reception, but if you're curious about prediner reception, check it out!

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Cupcakes from Kara.

You squeeze the green tube into your mouth when you eat the dessert!

In demand cookies.

from this bakery/cafe!
Lots of options

I first ate this cookie with Afternoon Tea!

There's still a variety of wine if you want an after dinner beverage.
Pretty soon the DJ is going to crank up the music and the dance floor will be full of guests.
But don't worry, if your feet get tired, you can take a break to snack and recover.

Maybe you just want some take home granola from Aziza!
SF and Half Moon Bay show their cooking chops.

Thanks to the Ritz!

Hakkasan SF brings a layered fruity dessert to the guests tastebuds.
Pineapple galore.
A little meringue, kumquat and cream please from

Absinthe a favorite.

mini shortcakes galore

tout sweet
maccaroons, fruit in a cup and chocolate cakes, oh my!

goes to Taste!

Best presentation award

beautiful little apple pies!

going, going...

food on sticks-winner!

A very popular table, Taste has a great background of decorations and colors


Everything here is bite size so you can try them all

waterbar/farallon brings it on!

sweet donuty delights

Ready for some comfort foods? Grab a cookie!

Beth's Babies Cookies
Tea Icea Cream Sammies?? That's right up my alley!! Oh Humphry Slocombe.

Layered delights-Baker and Banker style


Susan Sarich and Suzy cakes!

Chefs give you a taste of their best creations!

They're ready for the storm, although not sure how many people have room after dinner?


A fellow volunteer let me photo her java ice cream

Pretty lights--wooooo

Looking, but too full for touching!

Sugar high? Getting sideways...

Time to Party the night away!!

*It was a long night and I tried very hard to keep track of everything and everyone's desserts. If I have made a mistake or misrepresented someone as making something else, I'm quite happy to change it! Just please let me know. It was my first time at an event so large trying to blog about every dish and it was a bit overwhelming. My best suggestion is to purchase a ticket or volunteer yourself at the next Gala!