Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cafe Zitouna

After spending the afternoon on the Bay on the Chocolate and Wine Cruise, we were hungry for a meal and decided to try Cafe Zitouna on Polk Street. Tea Time has ventured up and down the Polk Gulch many times and we always find a restaurant we haven't yet ventured in to try. Cafe Zitouna is dishing up authentic Morrocan food and tempted our palates.  We decided to start with an appetizer, Tunisian Michwiya, which features tuna, onions, egg and capers.

Appetizer with a side of crusty bread. The best thing to hit the spot on a blustery day.
Angela ordered a wrap, the Merguez Shawarma with housemade lamb sausage and traditional wrap fillers of veg and onion with tahini sauce. YUM.

J.K. ordered the B'stilla, listed on the menu as The Pie From Heaven. This is a savory dish, but topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon, which makes for an interesting contrast.
(B'stilla) chicken meat, scrambled eggs in fresh herbs,
roasted almonds flavored with safran, ginger and honey
wrapped in a tissue thin warka topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon

Up Close with B'stilla

There was definitely enough for leftovers.
From their website:

Café Zitouna is the premier restaurant that combines an authentic Moroccan food with Tunisian Home made food in San Francisco Bay area.
Café Zitouna serves you like a traditional Maghreb family would at their home.

Morocco and Tunisia are the culinary star of North Africa in the Mediterranean sea, are the doorway between Europe and Africa (located very close to Spain and Italy).

The North African region called Maghreb. Much imperial and trade influence has been filtered through the area and blended into its culture. Unlike the herb-based cooking across the sea to the north, Tunisia and Moroccan cooking is characterized by rich spices. Cumin, coriander, saffron, chiles, dried ginger, cinnamon, and paprika are on the cook's shelf, and in her mortar. In one word come visit us or order online and you will be glad you did
. Additionally, the menu at Cafe Zitouna is Halal Dhabiha.

The casual family atmosphere of Cafe Zitouna is a welcome break from the hustle(!) and bustle of Polk Street. It was certainly a cozy place to rest our weary feet and nosh down some delicious ethnic food after our lovely boat ride under both bridges.

Unfortunately, Cafe Zitouna is no longer open. First they were closed while some work was being done on the street, then they said they were closed for Ramadan, and now they are simply gone. The space is empty.