Saturday, August 5, 2017

Poki Time

Tea Time has been thinking about trying all the poke joints in San Francisco, but poke is becoming so popular that this may not be possible.  However, we heard good things about Poki Time, so we headed over to the Lombard Street location.

You really can't miss the place. (yes, it's the old KFC)
Poke is the only option, but there are several choices to be made along the way. You can see the menu on the website, in case you have trouble deciding on the spot.

You build your own bowl, however big/small you prefer. Choose a base, protein, toppings, sauce and then you're ready. Fast, healthy food at it's finest. All the ingredients we got to pick from were fresh and tasty.

JK's bowl with lettuce base, Hawaiian style fish and toppings.
Angela's bowl with lettuce and rice base, Hawaiian style fish and toppings.

 You know Tea Time can't resist a good dessert and this Poki Time features a  macaron ice cream sandwiches right next to the main counter in a cute cooler. Made in San Jose, they were a delight. Check out Mavens Creamery if you need a fix!

Jk's Chocolate and Angela's Strawberry.
Poki Time has a open seating plan and when you enter you can either loiter in the back staring at the menu or hop in the line (there wasn't one when we arrived, phew) and get your meal pronto. It's a homey restaurant and the workers were very nice, helping us get our ice cream dessert after we were done with our bowls (so the sandwich wouldn't melt). Tea Time is sure they would have let us eat dessert first, but this time we decided to honor traditions by saving it until the end. We had a great time and a great meal, so we'll be back.

Mel's Diner Mission

I was downtown shopping and needed some lunch, so I decided to try Mel's Mission Street branch. I sat at the counter, next to a jukebox.
My frosty glass of water arrived immediately, but I had to wait a while for my sandwich.
I ordered the meatloaf, with coleslaw as my side. Nothing surprising here, just a good, tasty sandwich. Mel's Diner is an SF institution. They have several diners around town including one on Geary Street with Parking! They serve classic diner food including fried chicken and hearty breakfasts. If you're in California, but not in SF, look at the Mel's website for more locations all over the West Coast. Or if you've got a hankering to see the original Mel's, check out the opening scene of American Graffiti.

meatloaf sammie