Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Restaurant Week at M.Y. China

J.K. was walking the Fancy Food Show, and Angela was working the day job, so we had time for only one Restaurant Week lunch. We chose to return to M.Y. China, because we had such a good time there last year.

Sparkling wine is always a great treat and Angela chose to splurge at this lunch!
 Our entrees arrived first, but that wasn't a problem. J.K. ordered the wok-seared beef filet, while Angela chose the rice cake with wild boar. M. Y. China always gives a generous portion. We forwent the rice and simply mixed and matched tastes and textures. As it was there was still a doggie bag at the end of the meal.

Wok-Seared Beef Filet
sichuan peppercorns, arugula with jasmine or brown rice
Rice Cake with Wild Boar
cabbage, edamame, green onions
Mr. Zheng Dumpling
pork, shrimp, shitake, sesame oil, green onion
Close-Up of Dumpling
Veggie Spring Rolls
Toasted Taro, Wild Seasonal Mushrooms
 We usually  show you as many dishes as possible, but the the Sugar Puff Ice Cream Sandwich was too good to substitute sorbet for one of them. It's really more of a profiterole, but we weren't quibbling. 

M. Y. China is a delightful place to try out some delicious dishes. If you're on a tight budget, Restaurant week is the perfect way to splurge!