Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nielsen Massey and Peru at the 2016 Fancy Food Show

We were feted with many delicious treats at the Fancy Food Show. There were even cooking demos. Neilson-Massey offered us a yummy DLT (Duck Lettuce Tomato) with a fresh Hibiscus cooler on the side. You could pick up the recipe to recreate it at home (of course we did–you know we love duck). They have numerous awards in food excellence and are best known for their vanilla extract (but they sell many other extracts as well).

Duck BLT and Hibiscus Cooler

The Nielson-Massey team, ready to answer all your lingering extract questions.
After sampling Nielson-Massey's delightful duck dish we wandered around the International Pavilion for a while before stumbling upon a food presentation produced by the country of Peru. What? Peru? Yes, and everything was delectable. Thank goodness Tea Time is already well versed in sharing dishes, because even though all these plates were sample sized we were feeling pretty full. It's a good thing there's always a lot of walking when we are at the FFS.

Tea Time is waiting with bated breath and empty tummies to see what trends pop up at the 2017 winter fancy food show. This yearly event gives us insight into food trends and tastes we might not find if we didn't attend the show. Check out our Instagram for live updates of the great finds and delicious treats that come to our attention this January.