Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pica Pica in the Misson

Pica Pica serves naturally glutern-free food and boy is it tasty. Fried plantains, rice, black beans, their signature Arepas not to mention their frothy fresh Fruit Frescas. Tea Time met several friends in order to be able to share and enjoy several different offerings from their menu (which is available for delivery or pick up, you lucky eaters).

Pulled Pork Pernil plate with classic white Arepa

Blackened Beef Asado in the white corn Arepa with plantain and coleslaw side

Shredded Beef Pabellón in a sweet corn Arepa topped with Queso Fresco and coleslaw side

Happily all the Arepas come with a fried plantain so we didn't have any fights, but if you need more, then look at the sides listed on the menu. We'll be adventuring back to Pica Pica soon as we've been hearing about their Cachapas.