Friday, November 10, 2017

La Cocina 2017 Food Festival

Alas, La Cocina's Street Food Festival is no longer in the streets. It's still a great food festival, but it just isn't the same. Tea Time expected the usual long lines, and arrived early.

The line for our favorite pho rolls from Rice Paper Scissors was long, but not nearly as long as it was a little while later.
We couldn't make up our minds, so we got half mushroom and half beef.
Then we tasted some wine from Charles Smith wines, where we got our wristbands without having to wait on the wristband line at the entrance.

Pacifico Beer was right next to the wine, with a generous array of swag for the festival-goers. 

Our next stop was the Mozzeria truck, for generous slices of margherita pizza, with a charred, chewy crust.

We spotted a giant turkey leg, which was intriguing.

But then we spotted these beef-filled potato fritters with a crispy crust, asked the gentleman where he got them, and raced over to place our order. They were seriously backed up (for good reason) so we walked around for a few minutes while they were being made.

The sun was so bright; it's hard to see the meat. 

Alter Eco chocolate is another favorite of ours, but it was way too hot to buy chocolate to take home.

Then it was time for dessert. We were tempted by the ice cream tacos, but Three Twins were donating all pint sales to the fire relief effort, so we got a pint of brownie batter chunk to share.

And after that indulgence, we staggered out of the event. Angela biked home, and J.K. took the KT to Embarcadeo Station and walked home from there, with a stop at Daiso, where she found a perfect skinny brush to clean her chocolate tempering machine.