Monday, January 8, 2018


Angela and J.K. were craving an exotic lunch, so we headed over to Brenda's French Soul Food on Polk Street. Brenda's doesn't take reservations, but since they expanded into the next-door storefront, the wait isn't too long.

Angela couldn't resist the blueberry pomegranate mimosa.
J.K. ordered the catfish po'boy, remoulade sauce on the side. It came with a large serving of coleslaw.

Angela ordered the chicken pot pie. It took quite a while to prepare, but was definitely worth the wait. It was accompanied by a green salad. Both the coleslaw and green salad were such large portions, we shared and each had three items for lunch.

Interior view of pot pie
Neither of us can resist the crab beignet when it's on the menu.
interior of crab beignet.
J.K. loves catfish and Angela has a weakness for pot pie, but you're going to be happy with anything you order at Brenda's.