Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beth's Excellent Adventure—Part 6: India Gate, Penrith

Heya, Adventurers! This is J.K.'s friend Beth on location in England, having adventures and remembering to take pictures of some of the meals.
My first night in Penrith, after a train ride with two transfers from Salisbury, the Italian restaurant the guest house proprietors recommended had a 45 minute wait because they had a large party. This was another building that looked modern on the outside but on the inside looked Tudor: low doorways and bent wooden frame. They used green oak for building because that could be worked, whereas seasoned oak is hard, hard, hard.

So I wandered and found India Gate, "modern Indian cuisine." The balti is a red curry stew cooked in one of these flat-bottomed cast iron pans used by Khyber Pass tribesmen. I had that and plain naan, and it was tasty and satisfying.

This was my first exposure to the practice of pushing papadums as appetizers. I passed because I was having a big piece of bread. I also passed on ordering rice for the same reason.

India Gate is well appointed and service is constant. There's a fancy section toward the front (up a flight of stairs), but I and others not dressed up for a Saturday night were seated in a rear section. It was still quite comfy.