Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beth's Excellent Adventure—Part 3: Red Lion Pub, Avebury

Heya, Adventurers!  This is J.K.’s friend Beth, reporting from England, where I had many culinary adventures and remembered to take pictures of some of them.

On the road to Avebury you will likely pass the hillside with one of the older chalk horses, the Westbury chalk horse, carved out.  Locals added more during Victorian times, and I don’t know if that’s cheating or not.  It’s good that they keep them cleaned out, though; they’re a really fun sight.

When you get into Avebury, unless you’re coming from the north, you will drive in on a road that goes through one side of the circle.  It’s interesting that the edge of town grew up in the circle, a decent part of which survived the two major destructions of standing stones out of religious fears and superstitions.  The road takes a zig-zag to the right, and at the zig is the Red Lion Inn.  I had this dish of haddock with cream sauce, inside because the day was somewhat cool, but there are picnic tables at which you can eat with a good collection of stones in view.

The stones are really friendly to those who want to commune with them.  And lunch was tasty.