Saturday, September 7, 2013

SFSFF Part 3

After our libations from the bar and a little rest at the picnic table there, we moseyed over to Hella Vegan Eats for our Doughnut Burger. Here's a bit more info about this fun catering team. "In August 2011, HVE was invited to join La Cocina SF's incubator program, a ground breaking platform for low-income food entrepreneurs to manifest their passions into self-sufficient businesses with the help of volunteers, donated resources, and the encouragement of La Cocina staff. They are now working to promote their business and earn the capitol needed to become mobile food vendors. They will be catering from La Cocina's green kitchen in San Francisco, offering a large menu of innovative vegan delights." Yes, Hella Vegan Eats is one of the many businesses grown out of the La Cocina program. Their doughnut was a sweet treat as always.

You can now catch the Hella Vegan Eats Food Truck (Yup, they're mobile now!) at Delores Park. Get the update on their whereabouts...vegan food for all!

A bit disheveled from being cut in half...
Working hard to get that vegan food out to the eaters!
La Victoria Bakery Corp was another booth that has been on our mind since the last SFSFF! We ate their  Tres Leches Goats Milk Blueberry Parfait late in the day last year and it was a refreshing mouth full of cake and berries with sweet creamy goats milk. Additionally, Mel and Joel got a Goats/Milk Custard Cornet. (Angela knows these as Creme Horns.) For this post, Angela read up a bit on their website and found they offer a lot of awesome community interaction, such as children's baking classes. They are located in the Mission so J.K. and Angela will stop in there next time we wander those neighborhood blocks!

So nice they ate it Twice! A pic of #2.

Blueberry Parfait
J.K. loves a bit of local color. Across the street from the La Victoria booth was a
Local Author, trying to sell his book. He, too, seemed to be doing about as much business as the Maytag repairman. If you love the Giants, we can probably figure out his address for ya. 

Local Author, Author!
Here is a resto that's been on the "let's eat there" list for a while. Quite a while, actually. Radio Africa Kitchen officially transitioned from a pop-up to brick and mortar store over a year ago. However, it's a bit far from our stomping grounds (Bayview) so we just haven't made it over there. All the better for us to try their Grilled Flank Steak Big Bite at the 2013 festival. We'll make it down south eventually and then you can read about our Radio Africa adventure....

Flank Steak bowl

Popsicles are always on the menu at Nopalito! J.K. and Angela were becoming the last holdouts from our group, but we knew it was time to stick it out and start on desserts. Our parfait had filled us up a bit, but popsicles just melt around the edges–right? So we walked back down the blocks of booths, keeping an eye out for something we just couldn't live without and kept cool with our iced pops. Nopalito has two locations in the city, the original in NOPA plus their new Inner Sunset outpost. So get your fix while 'summer' is on here in the city!

Need a Popsicle? Just head to the resto!

Dark Chocolate on the left and Strawberry on the right.

No one can say it better than La Cocina. "D'Maize  is a family owned Salvadorean catering business serving up some of the best pupusas in the bay @lacocinasf represent!" (via Twitter) D'Maize Catering will bring their home cooked food to you! Recently they catered for Zynga, and their chef is so excited to get you hooked on Salvadorian food that they recently offered Free samples to people who email them on Facebook. That is service with a smile!

Our meatful pupusa! Yum-o.
This Frankaroni on a stick from 4505 Meats was one of the best things we tasted. Mac 'n' cheese and bacon, fried on a stick! It was supposedly a small bite, but the four of us didn't even manage to finish it while walking to our friends car. They took it to go which was pretty simple since it already had a stick.

A state fair type treat made into street food!
J. K. and Angela are getting filled up to our eyeballs, but we've still got a bit more walking to do and a lot more tickets to use up! Fortunately there's always something going on at the festival besides food. Well, the people watching is really what you do while eating your next street food treat. There are vendors with games and dancers to entertain, just take your pick of what to watch/do while you wait for the next chance to nab that one treat you've waited for all day.

Aztec Dancers  Did A Long Set
See Them In Action!