Saturday, September 21, 2013

Batch Made Market

I was disappointed because Angela and I had to forego the pho rolls from Rice Paper Scissors at the San Francisco Street Food Festival. After being on our own for the last part of the day, we were just too full. So when the Underground Market announced that Rice Paper Scissors was participating in their  Batch Made Market on September 8, I went over there for dinner. There was a $5 charge to enter the lot, which made it an expensive event, but ForageSF and its Underground Market are both good causes, and I really wanted those pho rolls.
RPS was right near the entrance, so I didn't have to look for them.
I couldn't decide whether to get the beef roll or the mushroom, and they were kind enough to indulge me with a half-and-half plate.
The pho rolls were as good as I remembered, but not quite a whole meal, even for me. As I was looking for another bite, I discovered the Stroopie booth, and decided dessert was next on my schedule.
As you know, Tea Time is partial to caramel, so I opted for the traditional caramel Stroopwafel. They are also available with small-batch jam filling. The jam is seasonal, and very small batch, so if you see a flavor you like, order it right away, because it might not be there next time.
Caramel goodness inside two crispy wafers
After savoring my Stroopie, I resumed the search for the rest of my dinner, and decided on coconut shrimp from SUP! Southeast Asian Street Food. Three large shrimp, served with a wedge of lime, dipping sauce and a generous serving of cucumber salad.
Although that completed my meal, I couldn't resist a final treat: a small scoop (kiddie size, honest!) of house-made chocolate ice cream from Post Street Creamery. Don't let the pale color fool you. Made with Valrhona chocolate, this has a very intense chocolate flavor!
There were lots of choices for finicky eaters, plus adult beverages and a seating area. 

It was a delicious, if slightly expensive, dinner.
Admission:           $5.00
Pho Rolls:             $8.00
Stroopie:               $4.00 
Coconut Shrimp:  $7.00
Ice Cream:            $2.50

So Bay Area readers, what do you think? Is it too much to pay to enter a food truck park and Then buy your dinner? The SOMA StrEat Food Park and all Off the Grid events are free to enter. Does this make a difference in where you eat? Other cities, do you have the option of getting street food like this? Tea Time knows in some parts of the world it's very common, but in others it's a novelty.