Friday, September 20, 2013

Beth on the Road

Beth made her annual pilgrimage to Seattle for the Ring Cycle. Here are her posts from the road:

Saturday dinner:

Meatloaf dinner at Heaven on Earth in Azalea, Oregon.. Followed a nice salad with marionberry vinaigrette.
Sunday breakfast:

Couldn't wait to dig in. Creme brulee French toast at Word of Mouth in Salem. Tiny place in a small house. This is yummy! By eating at the counter, I pretty much jumped the hour wait list. So, as it says on their computer register, the early bird gets the WoM!


Okay, so the cool raw fish place in Bellevue is downtown with paid or even valet parking. I found I Love Sushi in a shopping center (almost mini mall) across 405. This is the groovy roll, $12.95, tuna tempura, creamy scallop, crab, eel, avocado, roe.
You know, I think I may have been here before. It looks familiar. On NE 8th I saw that I was downtown, and that parking would run up what was likely going to be a decent bill already. I remembered I'd passed a Hunan place and decided to go there if there was parking. The Hunan place was out of business. I looked around, saw I could have raw fish after all and after a while I remembered I'd been here. Still Killer. Lake Bellevue SC.

Also had wild sockeye salmon nigiri for $6.

Molly Moon's Ice Cream. An adventure getting here. Shoulda turned right to Queen Anne instead of left. Got my 1st Avenues mixed up. Had to zig zag and go up a cobblestone street, but I'm here and will report.

Got the Molly's favorite sundae. Lovely swirls of sweet and salty. The chukar cherries are a brand of sour cherries. Didn't make the obvious crack about no Queen Anne cherries here on Queen Anne Hill. $6.50 for the big. Single scoops $3.95. Seasonal flavors include peach blonde, cucumber verbena sorbet, raspberry lemon thyme.

Molly's restroom
Top Pot Doughnuts, just up the road

Had a lovely Reuben in a Norwegian town on the north end of Bainbridge Island.  Grilled sockeye salmon in the town itself (BI) on the way back.  Didn't think to photo at lunch, supper it was a little crazy in the joint and I was tired.  Sorry.

Thursday is Issaquah day, and possibly getting out to North Bend for the old school hamburger stand.  Many people know North Bend as Twin Peaks.
Mount Si
Twede's Cafe in North Bend, immortalized for its cherry pie and coffee as the R and R in "Twin Peaks."
Oregon in August, time for sweet Walla Walla onions . . . sauteed on the cheeseburger, and made into huge rings, at Burgerville.

It's spendy, but it's good. $13.39. Burgerville is a regional chain that now gets to describe its high quality ingredients as "sustainable." I'm in Albany, Oregon, where they filmed Animal House. I got a look at that familiar old downtown because the website led me astray. My iPhone got me to the right place, much closer to the Interstate.
This burger is from Scott's Dairy Freeze in North Bend, at which I ended up because the place I used to go has closed.

Thanks to Beth for branching us out and up into the Northwest! Did you take a road trip this summer? Or are you just interested in sharing a favorite food spot from your neck of the woods? Tea Time would love to hear from you! Give us the scoop on Afternoon Tea, we might come check it out!tw