Monday, September 16, 2013

Guest Blog by Beth: The Potsticker

As far as spicy Chinese food goes, Hunan has pretty much come to monopolize the field.  Beth, though, will tell you that some of the best food she's ever had, she had in Sichuan (which you can still find spelled Szechuan).  So, when she came back from the Pot Sticker in Waverly Place in Chinatown with a big grin on her face and sweat on her lower eyelids, it was a sign that trying to scratch her Sichuan itch had paid off. The lunch of heaven?  Tan Tan noodles, with tiny bits of pork and preserved vegetable, and some young empty heart greens, in a chile-based broth with abundant flavors. The waitress asked whether she wanted mild, medium or full-on spiciness, and she reports that medium was just right.

There didn't look to be any lunch specials.  The menu covers about all the Chinese food dishes, and has two kinds of Sichuan pork shoulder dishes.  There are also hotpots for multiple people.

Beth says she's glad the Yelp! postings claiming the place was greasy didn't discourage her from eating there and wondering what they were thinking.  No word on the restrooms, though Beth has been known to cut small, non-hideous but character-infused Chinatown restaurant bathrooms more slack than many visiting Euro-Americans would.  Call it Sam Wo Syndrome, and we think you know what we mean.  Beth says the place is small but not really a hole in the wall, and pleasantly decorated.  We'll take her word for it, at least till whatever Monday she steers JK and herself back there and a Teatime regular can report.

And Beth says it looks like she''ll need to remember to take exterior shots, too.  Nothing, though, will match your outing to the Palace!!!