Monday, September 10, 2012

Food Festival part 4

Here we are to say Good-bye... It's the final installment of our SF Food Festival (Version 2012) series of blog posts. Let's finish up this day of gluttony.

Good Foods Catering. Jambalaya and Strawberry Basil Lemonade. This Lemonade was The Best drink that we had at the festival hands down. We were all sad we hadn't tried it first and gotten it 3 more times.The Jambalaya was lightly spiced and the rice had a full robust flavor.

Neo Cocoa Brownie. Fudgy Milk Chocolate with Caramel.  Heavenly. What more can we say?

Melissa's choice from the famously popular Slanted Door. Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce. She stood in line while J.K. and I noshed down the brownie. This really needed more sauce to be a pudding. It was more like a mellow piece of french toast with a crisp outside and soft middle. We enjoyed eating it anyhow.

As the day winds down we head to the take home standby of  Kettle Corn from Endless Summer Sweets. Small, medium and large sizes. Mel took the medium, J.K. had the small and Angela coveted the large, but she knew we'd pop the top to snatch out handfuls of  the large one right away since it was still hot from the kettle. Salty sweetness always a treat!

Our last official stop is Rice Paper Scissors again. We can't miss the Beef Pho Roll. This is a cross between a Chinese stuffed rice noodle (cheong fun, usually served warm) and a spring roll (usually served cold). This one was "room temperature," probably due to the heat of the day. Wrap anything in a Rice Noodle and J.K. will wolf it down. The beef was savory and tender within its noodle home, the perfect two bite size.

What? We still have coupons left? Money to spend? How will we eat another bite? Dan to the rescue! In addition to being our wheel man, he got to happily eat 4 more (unpictured) items that Angela scrambled to find (well, hello Root Slaw, we were looking for you earlier!) so she could use up our passport monopoly money. J.K. also got us an additional free 'small bite' from any vendor for completing the passport book scavenger hunt by collecting signatures at different booths all day.

Props to La Cocina as the 2012 Festival was the best organized one yet! Vendors we visited were prepared to serve their first-class offerings and we didn't see anyone run out of food until after 4pm. (Festival was from 11-7) We were only truly disappointed once, and considering the amount of food we tried, that's amazing! The three of us visited 20+ booths and tasted over 25 items in about 6 hours, so breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch and dinner were covered, including our take home popcorn snacks! This impressive festival is a must for anyone who wants to be able to try out old favorites, scope the hype on famous places, find new choices, enjoy ample people watching and simply appreciate a wonderful day with friends.

Next year please join us at version 2013! Come hungry.