Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not your college Ramen

If you're visiting the Inner Richmond, or zooming down Geary Street towards the ocean feeling a little peckish, stop to eat at Genki Ramen. It's tucked in the middle of the block between 3rd and 4th avenue across from the Salvation Army.

We stopped in here for a late lunch one foggy afternoon, so it was the perfect time for soup. We also happened to get there a few minutes before 3pm so we took advantage of their happy hour menu and ordered two starter items for $3 each. The Fried Yam Sticks (JK said, "Like sweet potato fries, right?") and my favorite Takoyaki.

The menus were immediately followed by a complimentary plate of kim chee which was crisp and lightly pickled.

For our main dishes we tried the Seafood Ramen and the Karaage Ramen.

The seafood ramen came with  imitation crab meat, shrimp, squid, scallop, mussel, fish cake and  shelled edamame in a miso base. The seafood was perfectly cooked and did not get overcooked sitting in the hot broth. Or maybe it was so scrumptious that J.K.didn't let it sit there long enough to let it continue cooking.

The fried chicken (karaage) was crisp and juicy, a delight to dip in the flavorful Ramen broth. This bowl also came with seaweed and cut corn in addition to the tender noodles. We were too stuffed to finish the noodles and broth, and it hurt my Kansas heart to let them take it away. I've learned it's okay not to take leftovers, but I still feel sad when they're so delicious. Bye Bye for now delicious Ramen, we'll be back soon!

If you want to visit Genki Ramen (sister restaurant to my favorite Genki Crepes) try to go during their happy hour(s). Between 3-6 and 10-close they have some great deals on food and drinks. Our server was very attentive and thoughtfully filled our water glasses 1000 times.