Monday, September 3, 2012

Food Festival part 3

Here we are again. Still eating at the SFSFF 2012. Right now we're eating More Dessert! 

We weren't expecting much from Clairesquares' fried caramel pop, served with raspberry sauce, so we were pleasantly surprised by the warm and gooey inside. It went well with the raspberry, even though the raspberry sauce unfortunately didn't fix the Virgin Hibiscus Sangria (see Food Festival, part 2).

Then our mouths met with Hella Vegan Eats Pad Thai Spring Rolls with sauce, plus also a Green Curry Paleta. The green curry paleta was another big hit. None of us knew what a Paleta was, and even though we like green curry it was a no because our tummies were reaching capacity. Then Angela saw it was really a frozen popsicle and the Paleta was our new best friend! It got 3 smiles with a nice blend of sweet and savory so charming we didn't even mind the curry texture. The 'spring' rolls had pleasing crunch and the flavor profile of  a noodle-y plate of pad thai! We did have some questions if they qualified as 'spring' rolls since they were fried. Anyone know the definition?

Mozzeria's La Mia Oca Burrata: Hand pulled fresh mozzarella with creamy ricottta wrapped inside, garnished with cherry tomato, basil oil, balsamic vinegar and crispy crostini. We all voted that if there was enough room in our tummies later we would eat this again (and again). Angela is not usually a fan of boring old ricotta, but the pairing helped balance the 'no flavor' flavor of this cottage cheese competitor.

Onigilly: Spicy Shrimp, Teriyaki Chicken and Vegan Eggplant, washed down with Ginger Green Tea Lemonade. Onigiri are super easy to make at home! This Food Fest Onigilly had some scintillating  flavor options and the edamame were a marvelous bonus snack. The tea was palatable.

Also featured, our fork stash. Yes Stranger, you are welcome to share a fork. If you want our cooties!

La Victoria's Tres Leches Goat Milk Blueberry Parfait. We sauntered past this booth noting how appetizing their menu looked, but when we walked the strip a second time dessert was on the menu (again). Creamy, fruity, light and cool this would be a yummy treat any day. Since we had a Mission Summer Day of Sun to celebrate along with the smorgasbord of food at our fingertips this layered confection was a hit! We couldn't wait and took the first bite before our photographer was ready.

How can we have consumed any more food at the San Francisco Street Food Festival (version 2012)? Well, we did a lot of walking too!! Really. Urban hiking. Come back for the last toothsome morsels to be posted as part 4 in a couple of days.

 Have any of these pictures inspired you to try a new recipe or restaurant? Let us know what you think about this outrageous day of gluttony.