Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whole Foods Pizza - in honor of National Cheese Pizza Day

What can I say? It was getting late, I was hungry, and I had a coupon. I usually get my slices at Napoli on Polk, but I was closer to the Pac Heights Whole Foods and I had a BOGO from Chinook Book, so I gave it a try. I took my slices home to reheat, as they would have cooled off on the way, so that may have made somewhat of a difference.

My first choice was the white pizza. It had a cottage cheese (I think) base, with rounds of mozzarella on top of slices of tomato on top of basil leaves, so it was more of a Caprese. Later I discovered the third round of mootz stuck to the bottom of the foil separating the two slices (see naked tomato in picture). The crust was thin, but nowhere near crisp.

 The cheese slice didn't look very enticing, but I didn't want two of the same thing. I know I can't expect every pizza to be a stunning experience, but this was more of a soggy-crusted melted cheese experience. You can check out some great cheese pizza experiences at Serious Eats in honor of National Cheese Pizza Day.

I grew up in New Haven, CT, where pizza is taken as seriously as religion. Or maybe it is a religion. Arguments between the advocates of the various pizzerias can get pretty heated. The restaurants themselves don't have a problem with each other, but their customers are fiercely—and sometimes combatively—loyal.

My family almost always went to Sally's on Wooster Street, with an occasional visit to Pepe's or The Spot. The last time my childhood friend and I went to New Haven, though, we hit town at 9:00 on a Saturday night. Wanting to eat, not stand in line for two hours, we went to Ernie's in Westville. Immediate seating and New Haven pizza. We were happy.

In the future, I will go further afield to Napoli, which makes an old-fashioned New York street window pizza, or Victor's, which serves a very crispy crusted pie. Both also have a full menu of Italian specialties. Check out Scoutmob, LevelUpGoPago and Chinook Book (requires buying the coupon book in advance, though) if you want to sign up and get deals for food and restaurants around San Francisco without having to buy a deal in advance!