Monday, August 27, 2012

This dinner brought to you by the letters "F" and "S".

It's dinner time! Come on over and see what everyone else made. That's right, this dinner features goodies from the Food Swap. Specifically, pulled pork, creme fraiche, mahummara, gazpacho and brandied cherries. The 'theme' for tonight is multi-ethnic tacos. Using the pulled pork as the protein, the mahummara as sauce (instead of as dip) and creme fraiche instead of sour cream. I'll let  guests assemble their own tacos (avocado, tomato, shredded cheese, giant white beans and blackened jalapeno peppers will also be available). The tortillas I bought are made by a partner of the 2011 SF Food Fest, Mission Foods. I really like the Ancient Grains flavor.

On the side we will have Stephanie's gazpacho and a raw kale salad (with apple & carrots). Dessert will be fruits, Big Choffy Balls and toffee.

Our featured cocktail will be a Bacon Ginger Beer. This will be a mixed drink using my Pear-Ginger Beer, Bakon flavored vodka and  Boozey cherries with sliced pear as garnish.

Let's eat!!