Monday, August 20, 2012

Ice Cream Social

Even though we don't have "Summer," San Francisco eats a LOT of ice cream. Lately our fair city has had more than its fair share of shops scooping up delicious in-house made ice creams. 

Our latest adventure was at the Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley. This place features servers in black and white (men wear bow ties please) with perfect smiles ready to take your order (and supply tasting spoons to the indecisive) at either the Ice Cream counter or the Soda Fountain counter. They offer a wide variety of flavors including vegan options. The prices are reasonable considering everything is housemade. There was a small line when we arrived, but Angela chose to wait to decide. Of course J.K. knew right away what she wanted....

Milk Chocolate+Chocolate Sorbet

The Chocolate Sorbet was very rich. It was like having hot fudge sauce on top of the mild Milk Chocolate flavor. When J.K. ordered the two scoops, the server asked if she wanted both scoops in the same dish. Obviously, she didn't know us!

Angela finally narrowed it down and chose a trio of flavors topped with Caramel sauce. A healthy helping of calcium featuring....

Honey Buttermilk+Butterscotch+Bourbon Malt Peanut Butter Cookie.

We also got a handmade Root Beer from the Soda Jerk working the counter. He put the plain soda in our glass and added house made syrups to make it Root Beer flavored. There was a very strong licorice scent, but the flavor was not overpowering. It didn't have much 'bite' to it, but was a gentle flavor until the bottom of the glass where it was a bit bitter. Perhaps we should have stirred it?

We will visit here again, to try more flavors of ice cream and perhaps check out their hot foods as well. Thanks for the suggestion from Snackreligous  who sent this Serious Eats post reminding us to point our feet in the door of the Ice Cream Bar instead of just walking on past. It was well worth stepping inside.