Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Update on Dagoba's xocolatl bar

In Neo-Pagan and Berkeley folk music circles (not quite "But I repeat myself," but close; think Venn diagram), there is a version of "Give Me That Old Time Religion" with more verses than one could actually sing, because people have added to the collection over the years.  Ahem.  One favorite goes:

We thank great Quetzelcoatl
And the sacred axolotl
For the gift of xocolatl
And save a bite for me!

So ... as for Dagoba's xocolatl bar ... "rich dark chocolate, chilies & nibs" ... I like it!  It's a very crunchy dark chocolate bar with a lovely chile afterkick that emerges from the chocolate taste on the palate and lingers a bit.  It's relatively mild in terms of heat, not like biting into a jalapeño or anything.  More spicy than sweet.

And that's the update to her candy post J.K. promised I'd give you!