Monday, July 31, 2017

Ted Nelson's Birthday Party at the Internet Archive

I wasn't aware of Ted Nelson before the Internet Archive announced his birthday party, but it seemed like a good occasion to learn about him. Turns out he's a very interesting guy. Ted was one of the pioneers of the computer industry, starting long before the internet. You can listen to a 1979 interview here. There are many more interviews with Ted online, but this one is hilarious, as a clueless interviewer tries to convince Ted that nobody would want a computer in the home.

The program was preceded by a reception that included drinks and substantial snacks. 
One of several platters, before the crowd demolished it
The drinks included (sugar-free) lime Kool-Ade, Ted's childhood favorite.
Ted speaking
It was a warm evening, so there were fans.
Both sides of fan 
After the program, there was birthday cake.

Cake with lit candles
Cross-section of cake slice
Ted blowing out his candles
Video of Ted blowing out his candles
 It was a fun evening, and I am looking forward to learning more about Ted.

If you're not familiar with the Internet Archive, check it out. They have a lot more than the archived internet, including a free lending library, and the Wayback Machine, which has archived content no longer available via a regular search engine.