Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lunch at the Beach Chalet

Tea Time had such a good time at the Pokemon crawl that we decided to enjoy another Pokemon outing, next to Ocean Beach, where there are lots of Pokemon to be captured. We started with lunch at the Beach Chalet, which is more expensive than our usual haunts, but well worth the expenditure due to delicious food, conscientious service and a classic San Francisco view of Ocean Beach. This lunch adventure included a big crowd of Poke Hunters outside the restaurant who always keep the lures on so the critters are attracted to the area.

After catching some critters we wandered upstairs to the Beach Chalet and even managed to catch a table for two next to the window! We perused the menu and decided to start with an heirloom tomato appetizer, which was a so good, it attracted some attention from our prey. (Eventually we'll get over taking photos of Pokemon in our food, but for now it's fun.)

Voltorb eyeing our appetizer
The bar had Margarita mix but no plain lime juice for her drink of choice, the Tequila Gimlet, so J.K. ordered this excellent Margarita, while Angela enjoyed a tall glass of their signature Pacific Punch cocktail. Tea Time Tip! Happy Hour at the Beach Lounge and Bar is M-F 3-6 and 9-closing. A great place to check out after dinner since most restos host happy hour only before the dinner hour.

J.K. ordered the lobster roll for her main course, but although our waiter told the kitchen she didn't want mayonnaise, they went ahead and served her a Massachusetts-style roll, made by mixing the lobster with mayo. In Connecticut, where J.K. grew up, lobster rolls are soaked in butter. Unfortunately, all the lobster at the Chalet is mixed with mayo in the morning, so while the kitchen made her a tuna tartare sandwich, the waiter brought her a bowl of New England claim chowder. Which meant Angela didn't have to share her soup in a bread bowl. Yes!

Tuna Tartare Sandwich with house-made potato chips
We were pretty full after all that food, but we couldn't resist the chocolate castle for dessert. Angela first tasted this delightful dessert at a Dark Dining event hosted by Taste TV. Tea Time always has room for Chocolate! The view at the Beach Chalet is also a classic. Ocean waves and a sandy beach just across the highway, so if it's a good day for walking you might even hatch an egg (or just get in some exercise).

All in all it was a great day for lunch and Pokemon hunting. The lures are almost always on at the Park/Beach Chalet and we overheard some hunters say it's even popular with the 2am crowd who can't sleep. You'll surely be able to be entertained, even if you're not into Pokemon Go. This little Squirtle is ready to share a smile and maybe even leftovers from the Beach/Park Chalet if you're willing.
Squirtle hanging from a car bumper