Saturday, November 12, 2016

Labor Day Lunch with Herrick

Herrick and I get together for a meal at least twice a year, usually to celebrate our birthdays, but this year has been a little off-kilter, so we met on Labor Day for lunch in the Mission, at Taqueria Pancho Villa. This taqueria is not the fanciest in the Mission, but it is arguably the best. Everything is fresh and cooked to order.

There are house-made tortilla chips and salsa to keep the aroma of previous orders cooking from driving you insane with hunger.
And then there's your meal! Herrick likes spicy food and ordered the Hot and Spicy Prawns. His meal arrived before mine, so I swiped a prawn. And regretted it. Do not order hot and spicy here unless you mean it!
HOT & SPICY PRAWNS al chile de arbol
I like my food spicy but not hot. I ordered the snapper dinner, which came with guacamole instead of avocado slices. I don't know about substitutions, but the slices are available as an extra.
As you can see, the portions are huge. The staff cheerfully provided a substantial container for the leftovers. The menu is extensive, so check it out before you go. You order at the register, pay for your meal, then sit down and a waiter will bring your order to your table. There's usually a line, which gives you a chance to peruse the menu on the wall, but it moves quickly.