Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lunch With Beth / Doc's of the Bay

Off The Grid has a new "Burger Pod" on Sacramento Street, in a small parking lot just off Montgomery. Beth and I were having lunch on a Tuesday, and I had a BOGO from Chinook Book for Doc's of the Bay, so we decided to give it a try.

A large sign marks the spot, which you would probably walk right past without it.
This view is from inside the narrow lot.
Order on the other side of the truck.
Our Friendly Server

These blank Polaroids displayed on the side of the truck
reminded us of the dented floppy disks
that used to be displayed in every
word processing center we worked in.

The menu is short but really, you don't need anything else.

It was almost 2:00, so there were only a few cookies left.
There's no seating in the lot, so we walked up to Clay Street to eat at Empire Park, a cozy little space with tables, shaded benches and a bird bath. One day we saw a bird in there, but unfortunately he took off before I could get a picture. I guess he didn't like being watched in his bath.

The food was so good that we forgot to take pictures until we were halfway through our lunch. But since we didn't have a knife, this way we can show what the insides of the sandwiches look like. The burgers come with a side of Doc's famous homemade ketchup, a definite plus.

Beth chose the Classic Burger, and I decided on the Black Bean Burger. And of course we had to try the Double Whammy, a combo of fries and fried green beans. I'm not a vegetarian; I just don't like hamburger. Or chicken very often. I would happily eat the Black Bean Burger again, but next time I'll try the pulled pork. And we definitely recommend the Double Whammy.

Beth's Burger

J.K.'s Black Bean Burger, which was packed with
the Double Whammy. We shared–honest!
This was a great lunch. We'll do it again, even without a discount.