Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lunch at Bocadillos

Beth and I aren't really regulars at any of the FiDi lunch spots, because there's a lot of restaurant turnover and we like to try all the new spots, but Gerald Hirigoyen's Bocadillos is one of the places we keep returning to. Bocadillos are small sandwiches, so you get a choice of two, along with a small salad. There is a varied menu, but the sandwiches are so good that we've never felt the need to try anything else.

This time we both chose the pulled bbq pork with spicy slaw, with Beth opting for the lamb-burger, while I chose the roast beef, marmalade and goat cheese sando for my second bocadillo.

J.K.'s roast beef and pulled pork

Beth's lamb burger and pulled pork
And on the way back, you can walk through the Transamerica Redwood Park, next to the Pyramid. Years ago, when Beth and I were office temps, Alice Medrich's Cocolat was across Montgomery from the Pyramid and whenever we had lunch in the area we would stop there on the way back for a truffle. We still miss those dessert truffles!
Live redwood trees form an urban oasis
Fountain with lilly pads and frogs