Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dessert, Pretty Please

Dessert, Pretty Please! The Pretty Please Bakeshop is in the Food Bermuda Triangle near my house over by Clement Street. I call it the FBT because it's such a seductive area with a resto or cafe (or ice cream, or desserts!) in every other storefront that you can get lost (and fat) there for hours. I braved the unknown and stopped in to this bakeshop to pick up a box of goodies for a friend's birthday. We were meeting at a bar and I thought these little bits of celebration would be perfect, plus give me an excuse to check out a new bakery a bit closer to home. (Schuberts always sucks me in).

I bought four kinds of twinkies and a carrot cupcake (for the birthday girl). Red Velvet, Spice cake, Banana Choco and plain Choco. They were all glazed, though the two twinks with Choco had a chocolate spread over the top as well. Our favorites were between the spice cake and chocolate banana. The carrot cupcake was moist with a nice frosting on top, not too sweet.

Pretty Please Bakeshop brings an imaginative eye to all their desserts!
Traditional chocolate Twinkie, filled on the inside!
Sundays are Happy Hour at the bakeshop from 4-5, which means you can BOGO your desserts. Who can resist that?! The Pretty Please Bakeshop has a lot more than twinks to offer because they are into seasonal personal pies, lots of cupcake flavors plus any Bay Area sports team event serves as inspiration. Not to mention macaroons, frosted cookies, pudding cups, cake parfaits and probably anything you can request! They also make intriguing, inspired and well-executed cakes here. I stole some pictures off their facebook page of ones I like the best. I am trying to think of a theme event that I could order a shaped cake for...if I get one, I'll for sure update this page!


 Yes, those are all CAKE! Pretty awesome cakes from Pretty Please Bakeshop. I remember my Mom made me some shaped Birthday cakes when I was a kid. I think there was a clown? Maybe a bunny? What shape would you get for a special cake?

*remember I stole the cake photos from the PPB facebook page! Check them out.