Thursday, May 16, 2013

Charles Chocolates in the Mission / Posted by J.K.

I had sponsored Charles Chocolates, which has re-opened on Florida Street in the Mission, on Kickstarter, and it was time to stop by and pick up my "perk." I received a shopping bag stuffed with a sampling of the chocolates, and we took a close look at everything in the shop.

The new shop is a little out of the way (much more convenient than Emeryville, though!) but well worth the trip.

My loot–minus the bar Angela absconded with.
The label explains what's in the box, and lists the ingredients

There are large displays of individual chocolates and bars to choose from, and prepared packages for those who can't make up their minds.



Having just had dinner at Mission Bowling Club, Angela and I were ready for dessert. Everything in the pastry case looked tasty,

but we couldn't resist this huge piece of chocolate cake. It's big enough for three normal people; however, we had no leftovers. This cake is so gorgeous I have to show it to you both in shade and sunlight. The store's outdoors seating wasn't in place yet, so we went down the street to a coffee shop, which didn't object to us sitting down outside with our cake.

Cake in the shade

Cake in sunlight
We highly recommend this cake. I usually prefer my own baking, but this is excellent!