Monday, April 29, 2013

The New Bi-Rite-Get your Ice Cream fix NOW.

It is So the time to get some Bi-Rite! Luckily for you (and us!) there's a newish Bi-Rite in town, over on Divisidero. Prepare yourself for a roomy and bright store, but with the same knowledgeable and helpful workers awaiting on your every whim. The *only* thing we could even consider suggesting is for them to steal a meter spot and make a parklet for people to sit out and enjoy the treats/eats they get from the store. Of course it isn't that far to Alamo Square or even Golden Gate Park. However, sometimes when you've got that cup or cone in your hand you just want to sit down and Enjoy. This amazing summerish weather may not last, so grab your scoop while you can!

J.K. usually gets a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of peanut butter, but this time she couldn't resist the roasted banana, while Angela tried the dynamic duo of honey lavender and salted caramel ice creams.

I scream, you scream, we all...
Similar looking, but not the same!

Roasted B with C

Maybe you need it to take home?

It's worth the line!!
 J.K. and Angela grabbed their scoops,  but we still got seduced into taking home a few other things to try as well. Angela chose Acme walnut cranberry bread, which she paired with Soft Italian Taleggio cheese. J.K. found a new chocolate bar to try (of course) and also got some of her favorite citrus. The Sumo has an extremely short season and looks like a tangelo on steroids. Angela was quite tempted by a cake they were sampling in the store, but since we'd just had ice cream she reined in her sweet teeth and refrained from putting that cake in her basket. Phew!

Lots n Lots n LOTS!
Plus wine! Perfect picnic please.
Seafoods and fresh meats, prepared dinner entrees too!
Ask your friendly fish monger what's fresh for dinner.

What a meaty spread...

Cutie Bunny.
Many flavors of chocolate too.
Fresh, often local, fruits.
Veggies and greens.



Just peek in the window at Bi-Rite and you'll see treats all around. 

Lots of cranberries and walnuts in this bread! So tasty with the melted cheese.

You may even be inspired like Angela, see above. Do you have a favorite local market? Bi-Rite makes its own ice cream too!