Monday, April 15, 2013

Ladies Dessert Night at TwentyFive Lusk

When you're ready to hit the town and yearning for dessert, check out Twenty Five Lusk. NuffnangX got a group of us in at a prime time one weekday evening. Angela enjoyed a dessert and wine pairing which included notes from the Chef, as well as the Sommelier. Twenty Five Lusk follows in the tradition of naming the resto after its address, a short jaunt up Lusk street (not too far from the Cal-train station) and you'll see the spot. (Look for an Uber car outside the front door, disgorging its hipster passengers...) Don't worry though, no one is left out in the cold at this restaurant. Our food blogger gang saw a wide variety of people there eating dinner or getting drinks, and even a few families braving the romantic dark din of the lower level. We all experimented with trying to capture our food and wine in the dim lighting with lots of laughter and joking throughout the evening about flashes and odd photos.

 Experimenting with photos and waiting for dessert!
There were five beverages, one for each dessert. The Sommelier suggested we sip the wines prior to pairing them in order to see what changes would happen once we tasted them with food. I don't have a great wine vocabulary, so I was happy he was so down to earth about sharing what we "could" taste and why they choose to pair specific wines with desserts. Of course there were five desserts as well and they each had multiple layers of flavor and texture.

Candle light and wine.
Twenty Five Lusk also offers these pairings on their menu, so you can do your own tasting!
(FYI: 25 Lusk is big into sustainable and seasonable, so menu offerings may vary on your visit)

UPSIDE DOWN PINEAPPLE CAKE--dark and stormy caramel, coconut sorbet, 
jaboulet aine le chant des griolles muscat de beaumes de venise 2010 france

STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM SANDWICH strawberries, basil,vanilla powder 
elio perrone “bigaro” 2011 piedmont italy

TEXTURES AND CHAOS-- sugar glass, exploding cocoa, passionfruit, raspberry sorbet
maximin grünhäuser abtsberg auslese riesling 2009 mosel-saar-ruwer germany 

SALTED CARAMEL SWIRL BROWNIE --mint chocolate chip ice cream, anise meringue chip
niepoort colheita port 1999 portugal

LIME POSSET--kiwi, mint, champagne granite
saracco moscato d’asti 2011 piedmont italy

The melting masterpieces.
I'm not really sure why I didn't take a close up photo of the Pineapple cake. Anyway, it's sitting in the lower right had corner of the photo of the big plate. Let me just say we were all in agreement that the desserts were very good.We each had our favorites, and there were often exclamations when one of the girls would try a new dessert. Textures and Chaos, which is a deconstructed dessert, was a star with fun sugar glass and house made pop rocks. Our Chef was very specific when he described each dessert to us, including some back story and pointing out that all the ingredients are vegetarian friendly, including the gelatin! The Lime Posset was a bright blast of citrus, and all the ice creams were full of flavor as well. The Port with the Caramel Brownie was the best pairing, bringing new sensations out in both when sampled together.

The Chef, working through a rush in the kitchen.
Twentyfive Lusk features an open kitchen, behind glass.
Do you have a favorite dessert spot in the city? There are a lot of bakeries around, that's for sure. However Tea Time has had notable desserts at restaurants that serve savory foods as well, and that is a great trend! You know we always save room for dessert! Check out Twenty Five Lusk (for lunch, brunch, dinner or desserts!) and enjoy New American Cuisine created by a passionate and creative team. Also, thanks to NuffnangX for an excellent Ladies' (you know who you are) night out!