Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lunch at Tommy Toy's Posted by J.K.

When Beth and I learned that Tommy Toy's was closing March 30, we thought "last chance!" and immediately went over there for lunch.

The entryway is dim, with a tank of goldfish to light the way.

These fish are pets, not dinner!
The Elegant Place Setting
As soon as we ordered, we were given a hot, moistened towel for our hands. And this stayed with us through the  somewhat messy finger food appetizers. We chose the Executive Luncheon, at $23.95 per person.

Even though we arrived five minutes before the lunch service ended, the waitstaff was pleasant and solicitous. Not only were we not rushed, but every staff member who went past us poured us more tea, a clear invitation to linger, while they were setting up the empty tables for the dinner service.

There was a choice of three appetizers, but we both opted for the same two. The first two courses were both served on divided plates, but the serveware is very elegant and did not remind us of school cafeteria dining.
Minced Squab "Imperial" Served in Iceberg Lettuce Petal
Crispy Vegetarian Spring Roll Served with Wild Plum Sauce

Clockwise from upper left:
Stuffed Three Treasures with Shrimp Mousse in Mild Chili Black Bean Sauce
Velvet Lemon Chicken
Mongolian Lamb Loin with Leeks Flavored with Hoisin Sauce, Served on a Bed of Marinated Spinach
Vegetable and Egg White Fried Rice with Asparagus, Carrot, and Daikon Pickles
Dessert, alas, was only one item. But it was delicious!
Peach Mousse with Fresh Strawberry Coulis
We are glad that we had the opportunity to say good bye to this excellent, elegant restaurant.