Monday, December 10, 2012

Lovejoy's Tea Room

We love Lovejoy's!

 (There, we've said it.)
Pots of tea are steeping,
Really this whole posting could be summed up in the words above, because we really do *love* Lovejoys. Even though our lives change, including the upgrade from High Tea to the Queen's Tea, Lovejoy's is a constant. If there is anywhere we could be considered 'regulars' this might be the spot. That's not to say that we go every week (although we can dream!), usually we appear every other month, like homing pigeons coming in to roost.

Lovejoy's Tea Room serves us great tea, delicious food and a comfy atmosphere with plenty of personality. All this plus sweet service staff make it a destination to show off to people from out of town. Tea Time always gets the Queen's Tea, which includes 2 sandwiches (your choice), green salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, coleslaw, fruit, scone, crumpet and sugar cookie Plus Double Devon Cream, lemon curd, and berry jam. An amazing array, accompanied by a bottomless pot of tea. We chose their mango black tea (an old favorite), plus their holiday special, a cranberry black tea.

Queen's tea for 2.

Four types of sandwiches.

Clotted Cream and Lemon Curd spread on Lovejoys patented scone.
Tea Sandwiches and mixed greens salad, plus coleslaw!
Remains of crumpet with berry jam smear.
Our Petit Four choices of the day! Delish.
Tea Time craves Lovejoy's sweet raisiny scone, which is similar to an American-type biscuit. We aren't the only people who feel this way, we spotted one customer getting bags of scones to go (and thought it was a Brilliant idea). These scones are made for being drenched in Double Devonshire cream with jam and/or lemon curd. We each chose 2 types of sandwiches which are included in the Queen's Tea Service. Ham with mustard and Cheese with chutney for JK, and then Angela picked salmon with cream cheese and pear with Stilton. When you elect to be a Queen here at Lovejoy's you also get a warm crumpet served midmeal and get to pick your favorite petit four at the end of your meal. (Tea Time has discovered that Dianda's Bakery on Mission also serves these petit fours a la carte so don't worry if you get addicted, or just need some for your homestyled afternoon tea service.)

When you wander through the main room of Lovejoy's there is a lot to see, and you may experience sensory overload. There is mix and match china on each table along with walls full of art. A journey to the bathroom in the back leads you past a wall full of love letters to the tea shop along with various tea related articles, nearly anything you can think of... Some of what you find in the main room is on sale, and this is definitely the best spot in town to purchase your Double Devon Cream.

Tea ephemera abounds.
Afternoon Tea, a relaxing celebration for any occasion.
Did Matilda like tea?

Amp up your celebrating with a glass of  sparkling wine! Cheers.
Your tea awaits, m'lady.

A bit of sun, a bit of tea, a lot of good conversation.

Easy to spot on the corner!

Lovejoy's is an SF institution. It's been around for 20 some years and in addition to their tea house, you can visit Lovejoy's Attic. It's here that you can purchase the wide variety of loose leaf teas they serve across the street, in addition to More tea goodies, such as strainers, teapots, cookbooks, local honey, special occasion vintage hats, cards and even broken china for crafting.

Find a favorite tea at Lovejoy's Tea Room? Take it home!!

More tea and cups to serve it in...
A tea pot for every personality.

Give someone a gift from Lovejoy's Attic and they'll smile year round.
You can usually sneak in for a seating without a reservation, but make sure you arrive At (or minutes before) 11am when they open, or you may be waiting, especially on the weekend. Regularly closed on Monday and Tuesday, Lovejoy's currently has extended holiday hours, call them for details. By hook or by crook, Tea Time hopes you can make time for tea at Lovejoy's this holiday season.