Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chocolate Salon Presentations

Katreece Montgomery (The Chocolate Addict), Bethany Garland and Nicole Knobel gave a joint presentation about different ways to decorate chocolate. Nicole manufactures transfer sheets (and a whole line of other supplies, including molds) and Katreece uses the transfer sheets to decorate her chocolates. They both also sell instruction videos.

Bethany hand paints edible works of chocolate art.

Nicole included a sample transfer sheet with her card.

Art Pollard, of Amano Chocolate, spoke on the negative aspects of organic and fair trade certification for cacao growers. Art has spoken on this topic before, but he doesn't give a canned speech. His talk is always different and informative.

Art Pollard

Attentive crowd.

Elyce Zahn from Coco Tutti was our final speaker, doing a staged tasting showing how the aroma and flavor of raspberries enhance the chocolate experience.

We started by eating a dark chocolate disk, followed by a fresh raspberry. Then we tasted Elyce's house-made (and strained four times!) raspberry jam. Next we dipped another dark disk into the jam. The final step in this progression was a raspberry truffle, made with the jam, with dried raspberry on the shell. The last piece in the box was a mocha truffle, another great scent/flavor pairing with chocolate.