Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finally-- Delicious Creme Brulee on a Stick!

You don't know what you need until you find it! Or at least this is how I feel about Marti Chocolatt's newish creme brulee truffle. This product was a new feature at the LA Salon, but they sold out before I got the chance to snag one for myself. So I made sure to get two at the Fall Salon to make up for being denied at my first opportunity!.

I have been enjoying Marti Chocolatts for several years now, and whenever I see the creator, Tonet Tibay, at a Chocolate Salon she immediately passes me a sample of their Rose Raspberry confection. It is truly a delight with the perfect blend of Rose and Raspberry flavors. One perk of attending multiple Salons is you get to see the displays of each Chocolatier evolve. I really like Marti's current simple and classy display where the single truffle is displayed with an easy to read sign to tell you the flavor. Marti has a variety of unusual flavors (Durian--without the stink!!) that are original and high quality.

One of many original flavor options to taste and purchase.
The Marti team waiting for the rush to begin.
I did get to have a small sample of the creme brulee truffle at, which just tickled my tastebuds. However, I wanted to wait until I had time and space to savor my treats at home away from the crowds and with a clean palate. Since I had two confections, I had a hard time deciding whether or not to share. IF I did share, it would have to be someone who would appreciate the creme brulee amazingness as well as realize the sacrifice I was making in giving one away! After waiting a week, it came to pass that I must eat them or possibly they would be compromised by age. I didn't want them to spoil (at least that was my excuse) so I was forced to eat both. Alone.

Two yummy crunchy sweet treats.

The creamy vanilla insides.

Sugary, cremey delights!

Marti Chocolatt was voted Gold Medal Winner for Most Gifted Chocolatier/Chocolate Maker at the Fall Salon by a panel of Judges who attended and tasted everything (lucky lucky!). In addition Marti won a Best in Salon Gold and Most Delicious Ingredient Combination Gold (well deserved!) as well as a host of sliver and bronze mentions which you can see here.

Marti confections are true treat and if someone you love loves chocolate, this could be the best christmas present Ever and get you into gifting hall of fame. You can find Marti Chocolatts online, and also 'like' them on Facebook. Or if you're in SF, you can probably catch up with Marti at the International Chocolate Salon in March! Hope to see you there!!