Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cypress Grove Chevre at the 2016 Fancy Food Show

J.K. met one of the Cypress Grove ladies in the press room, setting out the party goats, and was promised a surprise if she brought the little goat to Cypress Grove's booth. We finally got there on Tuesday and were we ever surprised! 
The party goats came in several colors. J.K. chose blue.
We were EACH gifted with a canvas tote bag.
AND a one-pound round of their yummy Truffle Tremor.
They claimed that they had to shrink the goats to make the mini cheese, but we have our doubts about that...where did the glitter come from?
Their display was really a smorgasboard of cheese. We were also very impressed by their "cheese cakes."

cheese cake designed by Patisserie Angelica
We received the round on the right. It lives up to its hype, an Award Winner for sure.
Cypress Grove has beautiful packaging and thoughtful staging. The ladies at the booth were very nice and genuinely excited when Angela showed them her little glitter mini-goat. Next time we head up north to Humboldt County (maybe for their Oyster Fest??!) we'll stop in and see the goats that helped produce our cheese.

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day Everyone!!