Monday, December 14, 2015

Chocolate Garage

Do you live in the South Bay? Are you looking for a place to get unique chocolates? Check out the Chocolate Garage! We ventured down the coast on Caltrain one day to host a Meetup event during their open tasting event. Several bars were available for try and the employees were happy to help curate the tastings. Plus guests could bring wine, turning the event into a Chocolate Happy Hour!

Light to darkest was the suggested tasting menu.

There wasn't a large group for our event, but the little garage bustled with guests making purchases and enjoying coversation. Currently the Chocolate Garage is open for general tasting on Saturday mornings, but you're welcome to call and schedule a private group tasting. A tasting event could be a lot of fun for a birthday or bridal shower. The Garage is a very easy walk from Caltrain, so no excuses from the SF contingent.