Friday, November 27, 2015

Turkey and Waffles Leftovers Brunch

Friday Brunch?! Let us give thanks.

While scrolling around on the internet, I came across a recipe for mashed potato waffles, just the perfect starter for a coldish morning in San Francisco.

The potatoes I used were already pretty doctored up with cream, butter, salt and herbs (in a word, delicious!). Several waffle recipes start from scratch, so I thought I'd let everyone know how I made the recipe even more simple.

Turn on waffle iron
(don't worry you can ask Santa for a waffle maker this Holiday season if you still haven't bought one for yourself.)

3c Mashed potatoes (leftover--whatever style you prefer!)
1/2c liquid (dairy, veg stock, water even!)
1/2c biscuit mix (no need to add any baking soda or powder, it's in the mix!)
1/2c cheese (your favorite, or actually, whatever is in the fridge and grated)
1 egg  

Add all ingredients into a bowl and stir. Taste and add more salt/pepper if needed. It should be pretty thick. If you feel it's too thin, simply add a tablespoon more of biscuit mix until the consistency is correct. Your waffle iron should be hot before you place any batter on it. If you're unsure about your mix, simply make a small test waffle first. Every cook needs to sample what they serve!

These waffles will likely steam and come out a little soft, but if you're into really crispy waffles, just put them in the toaster oven on broil for a minute. This will also keep them warm until you're ready to serve! (The regular oven is great too.)

I rounded out our brunch with a reheated turkey wing and cranberry sauce with Maple Syrup for waffle topping. Pumpkin Pie too? Beverages are the usual suspects of hot tea, coffee and mimosas.

mixed up leftovers

ready to cook
before the broil

Toasted to perfection and Leftover Brunch is READY.